Shaheen Hesam 
Board of Director, Overseas

Shaheen Hesam was born in  Kabul, Afghanistan. Being a visually impaired person, he graduated from the vocational blind school in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1988. He completed his higher education in 1995 from Kabul University with a degree in Law and Political Science. Mr. Hesam attended many workshops and trainings within and outside Afghanistan from 2005 to 2006. From May 2014 - June 2014, he completed the teacher education phase 2 in Japan Osaka Kyoiku University. He had his certificate of English program from IAM (International assistant mission) in Kabul, Afghanistan. Since 2004 until now, he was working as chief of vocational and professional department in the blind school for the visually impaired students. He is one of the members of committee for Strengthening of Teachers Education on special needs phase 2, developing curriculum for capacity building, text book editing, working on the technical aspect with other group members on special education. Mr. Hessam is also one of the members of Afghan National Association for Blind (ANAB), an advocacy interested in improving the future of the visually impairedon.