Masi Delawar
Country Representative

Masi Delawar was born in 1992 in Kabul, Afghanistan he started his career in 2010 after completing his high school education from Abdul Hadi Dawi in 2009.  He received his DBA (Diploma in Business Administration) program in same year. He completed in Business Administration in Khane-e-noor Institute of Higher Education. In 2010, Mr. Delawar started his career at the HDCAW (Health and Development Center for Afghan Women) as an administrative/finance assistant, as he has full interest in helping and developing the needs of women in Afghanistan. In 2011 he was appointed for sales assistant with MTNA Telecommunication Company in Afghanistan. In 2013 he joined Salaam-Network/Afghan telecom as an indirect sales assistant. In September 2016 he was promoted as Key account manager. In November of 2016 he was once again promoted to Acting Corporate Sales Senior Manager of Salaam-Network/Afghan telecom. In 2017 he accepted the position of country representative of the Afghanistan International Foundation for the Blind where he continues his passion to improve the lives of Afghani individuals.