History of The Foundation


AIFB Board of Directors with Ambassador Mahmoud Saikal


In 2009, at the opening night of the documentary New York Nooria, Ms. Nodrat requested from the audience financial assistance to help her establish her dream nonprofit organization to support blind children and blind women in Afghanistan. With the generosity from the audience, Ms. Nodrat was able to collect $1100. With the money in hands, she approached Dr. Justine Pawlukewicz, the Chairperson of the Human Service Department at the New York City College of Technology in generating the essential step in establishing the legal status of the foundation. With the support of Professor Justine Pawlukewicz and Dr. K. Hotzler, president of New York City College of Technology, Ms. Nodrat was introduced to the team of attorneys at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in New York. After 3 months’ work, the Afghanistan Blind Women and Children Foundation (ABWC) was established as a 501 (c) 3, charitable nonprofit foundation. On September 24, 2009, the ABWC Foundation had its first board of directors meeting, where the following individuals became the first board members: Nooria Nodrat – President, Justine Pawlukewicz – Chairperson, Leron Kishoni- Treasurer, Liz Perlman- Secretary, Dick Traum – Board of Director,  Janice Wood Wetzel – Board of Director, and Hasan Fize- Board of Director. Since its establishment the foundation has worked tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for blind individuals, in particularly women and children, in the area of education and health services. In 2016 the board of directors decided to change the name and mission of the organization, in order to expand our help and serve the needs of 400,000 blind individuals in the country. In October 2016, the name officially changed to the Afghanistan International Foundation for the Blind (AIFB).